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Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a way to smartly convert 2D drawings or 3D point clouds into a information delving 3D models with ability to provide complete info about the building. It is the most powerful technique available today, which makes the building design and maintenance. We are familiar in state-of-the-art reverse engineering services that convert captured 3D point clouds into precise digital models with real world coordinate.


BIM ( Building Information Modeling )

 We offer following BIM services

  •   Architectural Drafting

  •   Structural Design

  •   Interior and exterior design of Building

  •   3D point clouds to 3D model

  •   MEP

  •   2D Drawing

  •   Visualization and rendering

  •   Walk through and animation


BIM is useful for Bill of Materiel, cost estimation, building quality and clash detection easier and faster

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