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LiDAR is an active remote sensing technique that can accurately measure the distance by illuminating laser plus. It can be used to determine the precise elevation and geospatial location of features on the earth where the photogrammetry technique fails. It is an accurate and effective method for creating 3D maps. Spatial Mate can capable to provide a full range of LiDAR data processing services from airborne and terrestrial data to various infrastructure projects like Urban 3d city modeling, Hydrology, Power-lines, Road Corridors Mapping,  Railway and Pipe Line Mapping.

LiDAR ( Light Detection and Ranging ) Services

 We offer following LiDAR service ( ALS, MLS, TLS )

  •   ALS and MLS Pre-processing   

  •   Ground and Non Ground Classification 

  •   Feature extraction in 2D & 3D

  •   Digital Ortho Photo Generation

  •   Contour Generation

  •   3D City Modelling

  •   Volume Calculation


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