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Leo Stalin J, founder and CEO of Innovator Geo-spatial Pvt Ltd. He holds a Master Degree in Geoinformatics from Gandhigram Rural Institute, Dindigul. He has more than 5 Year experience in the field of GIS, Photogrammetry, LiDAR and UAV. He published more then 10 international journals specifically related to "Application of Drones in Geo-spatial Industry".

He has Strong knowledge in Ortho Photo Generation and UAV project life Cycle. He is a Trained UAV pilot and has 250 hours of UAV flying experience. He handled more the 50 Ortho Generation projects using satellite, aerial and UAV imageries. He has vast experience in UAV image processing for various industries like Geo-spatial, Mining, infrastructure and Utility.

Hari Rajan S,  COO of Innovator Geo-spatial Pvt Ltd. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Geoinformatics from Anna University and Master Degree in International Business Development. He has more than 3 Year experience in the field of LiDAR and UAV. He help to ensure smooth daily operations of our teams. He work with company leaders to set goals and reinforce our vision of being a great place to work, while serving our client with exceptional production and service.


He plays the role in defining organisational strategic goals, building and maintaining customer relationship, identifying business opportunities, leading marketing efforts and negotiating new business opportunities. 

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